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Nikki Lord from Honolulu


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Uploaded on April 29, 2013
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Emily Jones - 6 years ago
Put some clothes on hoe.

Joel Sadler - 6 years ago
Nah, she's alright, 1,300 people agree anyway
Nikki Lord - 6 years ago
haha emily that day i went to the pools.. what do you expect me to wear a jumper and pants on a 40 degree day to the pools? um no. now sit down you rude brat
Luis` Caloca - 6 years ago
Nice bikini
Sam H - 6 years ago
Emily why so insecure? This chic outtakes you any day of the week and that donut size nose.
i i - 5 years ago
Get naked
fjfhfjf fmfjfjfk - 5 years ago
Ya get naked
- 5 years ago
sexual and nice stomach. your so freaking sexy